Understanding how Portfolio Management Services works is crucial for any investor considering this investment avenue. Essentially, how does Portfolio Management Services work? Here’s the process broken down:

1. Initial Assessment: A portfolio management company begins by evaluating your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment goals.
2. Choosing the Right Type of PMS: Based on the initial assessment, the company offers either discretionary or non-discretionary services, unless they function in a pre-defined manner.
3. Discretionary Portfolio Management: In this service, the portfolio manager has the autonomy to make investment decisions on the client’s behalf without needing individual approvals for each transaction. The goal is to achieve optimal returns in line with the client’s risk profile. Aequitas India Opportunities Product (PMS) provides
discretionary services.
4. Focus on High Net-Worth Individuals: Portfolio management services in India often target high net-worth individuals, offering them specialised investment solutions.
5. Bespoke Investment Solutions: Some of the best portfolio management services in India provide tailored investment strategies designed to meet specific financial goals.
6. Strategic Asset Allocation: The intricacies of how portfolio management services work involve a strategic allocation of assets to maximise returns.
7. Constant Monitoring: Regular oversight of the investment portfolio is crucial to ensure it aligns with the client’s objectives and market conditions.
8. Active Management: This involves making timely decisions to adjust the portfolio, aiming to maximise returns and mitigate potential risks.