AIF: Alternative Investment Fund


Alternative Investment Funds in International Equity

We are excited to present our new products, Aequitas Far East Trust and Aequitas Far East International Trust , a restricted scheme (Non-Retail) construed as an open-ended Category III AIF under the IFSCA (International Financial Services Centres Authority) FM regulations, managed by Aequitas Investments IFSC Private Limited, which is registered with IFSCA as a registered fund management entity (non-retail). The fund will focus on eastern markets.

We take great pride in the performance achieved by our product, Aequitas Equity Scheme 1 (AIF) in the Indian equity markets which completed 5 years in March 2024. Embarking on this AIF journey in March 2019, with a fund corpus of $6 million and, in 5 years, commanding a fund AUM of more than $100 million, validates the robustness of our investment philosophy and trust shown by our investors, which has helped us navigate turbulent market cycles over the years.


AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) offers multiple benefits compared to other schemes, such as:

  • Aequitas Far East Trust

    A Category III open-ended AIF, focused at identifying opportunities in the Far East equity markets. The product is a suitable vehicle for Indian Residents looking for exposure in equity market outside India. The minimum ticket size to start is $1 Million. There is 1 year lock-in period .

  • Aequitas Far East International Trust

    A Category III open-ended AIF, focused at identifying opportunities in the Far East equity markets. The product is an ideal vehicle for international investors (NRIs, FPIs, FIIs, etc.), to invest in the Far East equity markets. The minimum ticket size to start is $1 million. There is no lock-in period.

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    • Pooled Resources: AIF is a pooled fund – which means that funds from all investors are pooled and invested as a whole. Each investor is allocated units after the cycle’s funds are mobilized. Due to its pooled structure, resources and efforts that are spent on the portfolio are enjoyed by all investors in a cycle.

    • Hassle Free: Due to the presence of a fund structure, taxation happens at the fund level. This means the investor can enjoy the gains without having to worry about taxation.

    • Diversified Portfolio: At Aequitas we believe in investing with a significant margin of safety. In order to mitigate risks we construct well-diversified portfolios consisting stocks across sectors with the potential to generate outsized returns.


    Principal Officer, far east funds

    Subham Agarwal

    After a successful kickstart to a career post-Chartered Accountancy course as an Investment Banker, Subham Agarwal went onto pursue his career in Equity Investment in the listed space.

    Having worked at Edelweiss and Investec India for over 4 years, in 2019, Subham joined the investment team of Aequitas with a deep understanding of varied sectors and valuations. With his entrepreneurial stint as Founder of Prep CA, he is valued in the team for his fresh and rounded perspective on business challenges and processes. Naturally curious about history and political dynamics, he is an avid reader.

    In 2022, Aequitas launched the Offshore fund for International investors looking to invest in the Indian equity markets, and Subham took up the critical role as the Co-Fund Manager of the offshore fund.

    Subham's profound interest and awareness of global events along with his tactical shrewdness to navigate market tides make him the right choice to lead Aequitas' Far East Funds, as the Principal Officer.

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    Our Approach


    Investment Philosopy

    Our investment philosophy is simple, we walk the talk. We believe that savings doesn’t create wealth for you, investing in the right manner does and through a carefully planned strategy, we deliver what we promise.

    Focus & Discipline

    • We focus on facts and fundamentals and ignore market narratives.

    • We do not chase momentum or hot stocks.

    • We do not indulge in derivatives or IPOs.

    • We avoid leverage.

    Multibagger Approach

    • Value: The valuation must be reasonable with a definite potential of re-rating soon.

    • Contrarian: We do things differently, which is a must to identify Multibaggers.

    • Growth: The company must have above average growth potential for the next 3-5 years.

    Qualitative Analysis

    • Screeners: To analyze fundamental financial metrics

    • Research: We do our own primary research.

    • Portfolio Construction: Identify robust stocks, fit across all above parameters.

    • Ongoing research: Revisit the research timely to take informed decisions.

    Portfolio Construction

    • We aim to construct a portfolio around quality stocks that are fundamentally strong, focusing on growth companies, with a horizon of 3-5 years in mind.

    Selection Criterion

    • Industry Leaders

    • Low Debt

    • Good Management

    • Valuations

    • Creeping Acquisition/ Buy Backs

    • Cash Flow


    • Risk equates to what Ben Graham called a “permanent loss of capital”.

    • There are 3 risks that we particularly focus on:

      • Valuation Risk
      • Earnings Risk
      • Balance Sheet Risk

    International Equity - FAQs

    ? What type of AIF is Aequitas’ Far East Trust & Far East International Trust?

    Aequitas’ Far East Trust & Far East International Trust is a long-only category III AIF, with exposure in only listed equities, in far east markets.

    ? How is tax computed in this fund Investment?

    Tax is computed at fund's end.

    ? What is the minimum amount required to invest in Aequitas’ Far East funds?

    The minimum ticket size is $1 Million for each, Aequitas Far East Trust & Aequitas Far East International Trust.

    ? Can NRIs or International investors invest in the fund?

    Yes, NRIs and International investors can invest ONLY in the Aequitas Far East International Trust.

    ? Is there any lock-in period in AIF?

    Yes, there is a 1-year lock-in period for Aequitas Far East Fund. However, there is NO lock-in for Aequitas Far East International Trust.

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