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Aequitas India Opportunity Product

Looking for a portfolio management services in Mumbai, India? Aequitas India Opportunity Product is an ingenious solution that stands out as the best portfolio management service in Mumbai, India. 

Aequitas is a boutique investment management company that provides customized portfolio management services across the globe. We pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for wealth management services sought by the HNIs, UHNIs and other marquee investors. As a leading Mumbai-based portfolio management specialist with close to INR 33 billion of assets under management, Aequitas focuses not only on delivering outsized returns but also on building strong and lasting client relationships. With an enviable track record of 29% CAGR for over 10 years, Aequitas is helmed as one of the best PMS service providers in Mumbai, India. Click to know more

Benefits of investing with Aequitas Portfolio management services

  • Most consistent high performing fund in India: 29% CAGR over 10 Years

  • Customized PMS: We build a bespoke portfolio management service for our each and every PMS investor.

  • One-on-one relationship: We don’t partner with distributors to generate AUM. We have a dedicated Business development to ensure quality relationship with our investors.

  • Stringent research process: A highly qualified research team of CAs who do their own primary research.

  • Multibagger strategy: The only investment philosophy that we follow.

  • No lock-in period, no entry or exit load: Yet, our investor churn rate stands at <4%.



Features of Portfolio Management Service

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Services
  • Well Diversified Tailored Portfolios
  • High Margin of Safety
  • Long Term Investing

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

Our aim in assembling an exceptional research team is not to get bragging rights – but to have people who know the ins and outs of the markets. Which is why we feel confident in our decisions and judgement. If you’d like to hear more about our discretionary portfolio management in Mumbai, India, kindly get in touch!

Well Diversified Tailored Portfolios

Most of the Portfolio management professionals tend to run a model portfolio that does not really cater to the individual needs of PMS investors. Aequitas on the other hand follows a contrarian approach by building bespoke portfolios for every PMS investor. Every portfolio starts with an equal weighted 16 stocks with holdings comprising companies that are leaders in their sectors.

High Margin of Safety

For us value is the name of the game. We only invest in businesses with a rich performance history floating at a reasonable discount to their intrinsic value. This coupled with our low churn rate is the reason why we have delivered some of the best net returns in the country.

Long Term Investing

We follow the tenets of value investing – which means that we look for top performing companies in out of favor sectors at a reasonable valuation. To reap the benefits of value investing, one must be a long-term investor i.e., at least 5 years – which is exactly what we do and exactly what we expect from our PMS investors.


Co-Fund Manager

Pratiksha Daftari

Co-Fund Manager, PMS

With experience of over 10 years, Pratiksha Daftari specializes in the analysis of investee companies including industry trends, finding new investment opportunities, understanding of macro-economic scenario and its bearing on markets at large.

Bringing a blend of expertise as a qualified Chartered Accountant and an MBA graduate from the Indian School of Business, her proactive approach, patience, and passion consistently enhance the quality of her work. This proficiency led to her appointment as Co-Fund Manager for PMS in August 2022, a testament to her aptitude for curating portfolios with precision.

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AUM (in INR)






Absolute Returns




Our Approach


Investment Philosopy

Our investment philosophy is simple, we walk the talk. We believe that savings doesn’t create wealth for you, investing in the right manner does and through a carefully planned strategy, we deliver what we promise.

Focus & Discipline

  • We focus on facts and fundamentals and ignore market narratives.

  • We do not chase momentum or hot stocks.

  • We do not indulge in derivatives or IPOs.

Multibagger Approach

  • Growth: The company must have above average growth potential for the next 3-5 years.

  • Contrarian: We do things differently, which is a must to identify Multibaggers.

  • Value: The valuation must be reasonable with a definite potential of re-rating soon.

Qualitative Analysis

  • Screeners: To analyze fundamental financial metrics

  • Research: We do our own primary research.

  • Portfolio Construction: Identify robust stocks, fit across all above parameters.

  • Ongoing research: Revisit the research timely to take informed decisions.

Portfolio Construction

  • We aim to construct a portfolio of around quality stocks that are fundamentally strong, with a focus on mid and small cap growth companies, with a horizon of 3-5 years in mind.

Why Small caps

  • Have outperformed large caps through upcycles.

  • Many large companies started as mid/ small caps.

  • ‘Riskier than large caps’ is a myth.

Selection Criterion

  • Industry Leaders

  • Low Debt

  • Good Management

  • Valuations

  • Creeping Acquisition/ Buy Backs

  • Cash Flow


  • Risk equates to what Ben Graham called a “permanent loss of capital”.

  • There are 3 risks that we particularly focus on:

    • Valuation Risk
    • Earnings Risk
    • Balance Sheet Risk


? Can NRI’s invest in PMS?

Yes, they can invest in PMS

? Does Portfolio Management Service have any lock-in period?

No, there is no lock-in, however, as part of our long-term investment strategy, we suggest a minimum holding period of 3-5 years.

? What is the minimum investment size to start with Aequitas PMS?

INR 25 cr.
We have another product based on the same investment philosophy & lower ticket size - Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).
You can check under "Indian Equity" tab.

? What kind of reports can the client expect from portfolio managers?

The client will get a monthly report of the portfolio performance.

? Do I have to make a demat account first?

We create a demat account as part of the client onboarding.

? What is the Tax Treatment in PMS investment?

Refer to the Disclosure Document (in Download Resources section above)

Aequitas Offshore Fund (based out of Dubai International Finance Centre)

DIFC registered dollar denominated fund for NRIs and International investors only, focused exclusively on direct investment into Indian equity markets, additionally providing tax benefits by saving on GST.

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