How has Aequitas performed and what kind of returns
it has generated over the years?

One of the key metrics of success in the PMS space is performance and Portfolio Management Services investment returns. Aequitas India prides itself on consistently delivering exceptional returns to its investors, showcasing a commendable CAGR (as of May’24) of almost 31% since inception, making it one of the highest PMS returns in India. These impressive numbers reflect Aequitas’ commitment to its investment thesis and its ability to generate outsized returns and be one of the best PMS schemes in India

Aequitas India’s PMS strategy is built on a foundation of rigorous research and analysis. The firm relies on primary reports and past meeting recordings to develop an independent view of a stock or business. This approach ensures that Aequitas invests in companies with strong fundamentals and significant growth potential. By not relying on secondary reports, Aequitas maintains a fresh and unbiased perspective, enabling it to identify opportunities that others might overlook.

The performance of Aequitas as a portfolio management service can be illustrated with a simple example: an initial investment of INR 1 crore in 2013 would have grown to over INR 26 crore by May 2024. This remarkable growth is a testament to the effectiveness of Aequitas’ investment strategies and its unwavering focus on maximizing returns. The firm’s success in organically growing its investor base, assets under management (AUM), and organization size further underscore its capabilities.

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